Oakley at the helm of an exhilarating Ouseday 2017

June 14th, 2017

The excitement is mounting across all the Oakley offices as the team prepare for another exhilarating Ouseday in Lewes on July 9th. This year's event is the 42nd annual Round Table Lewes to Newhaven raft race, and the third Lewes Regatta. This year is the first to be known as Ouseday - there are additional activities in Newhaven as the event is growing thanks to key sponsors and the hard work of everyone involved in arranging a safe and spectacular event. The raft race sees 37 or more homemade hand or foot propelled rafts take to the waters of the River Ouse, each to raise funds for a charity of their own choosing.

The day is filled with fun and some fiasco, as onlookers try to sink ships with water bombs, clouds of flour and baked bean bombs! For the community of Lewes, it’s a fantastic event that brings the residents and businesses together whilst gives tourism a boost by attracting many visitors from outside of town.

Ouseday 2017 sponsored by Oakley Property

Oakley's Contribution to Ouseday 2017

In preparation for the big day, as well as offering significant financial backing to the event, Oakley will be offering an orderly information point at our office in Lewes High Street. Residents and visitors can pop in and speak with the crew led by the able David Beaken, Director of the Lewes branch. It’s a great opportunity for building our already strong team spirit as we pull together as a company to support the day.

Chris Oakley, our Executive Chairman is very excited about the opportunity to support such a significant event in the Lewes calendar.

 “I had such a great time attending Ouseday last year and was taken-aback by the positive impact that the event had on our community. I realised that events like this need suitable funds; as they grow they become more expensive to run due to rising insurance costs and the need to provide facilities to accommodate extra visitors to the town. So, I wanted to ensure that Ouseday is a permanent fixture in the Lewes calendar and therefore am happy to provide financial backing and lend the support of my team to help the event run smoothly. Our team love living and working in Lewes, so we want to put as much back into our community as we can.”

Oakley have a lot to celebrate this year at their Lewes branch. The completion this year of Chandlers Wharf, sitting on the river in Lewes, has been a proud moment for us; we’re delighted to see that the potential of the Ouse riverside has been realised by creating 13 stunning new homes. We’re also pleased to support the development of 25 new homes at Styles Field in Lewes, which will be launching shortly.

To learn more about the Ouseday event, visit http://www.ouseday.com . To find out more about the variety of Property Services that we offer at our Oakley Lewes branch, either drop in to see us at 14a High Street, or call 01273 487444.

Lewes raft race